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Legal information

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Legal information


LTS NETWORK is the owner of this site and unless otherwise indicated is also owner of all of its content. When accessing this site, you agree to the terms and conditions defined below.

LTS NETWORK reserves the right to change the terms and conditions on this site at any time. If any of these terms is deemed illegal, invalid or without effect, the validity of the remaining terms will not be affected or reduced.


The content of this site may not be modified, marketed, distributed, reproduced or published without the previous written consent of LTS NETWORK. If this consent has not been given, civil or criminal proceedings may be taken in accordance with the applicable law. The site is only designed for personal use.

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LTS NETWORK does not commit itself to updating information or materials on this site, but may do so without notice at any time.
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LTS NETWORK is not responsible for the content, the accuracy of the information or for the privacy policies of the links to other sites. These links serve purely to provide a service to support its clients.

Privacy Policy

LTS NETWORK complies with the provisions of Law 67/98 of 16th October on personal data protection, which regulate the gathering and use of data. LTS NETWORK therefore respects the privacy of all users and does not gather or produce any data which has not been provided or authorised by the group. LTS NETWORK should be informed of any unauthorised data to enable the group to prohibit the use of the data accordingly.

LTS NETWORK uses personal data to run the actual site itself, or rather, to assess its activities and produce statistics. No information gathered is sold or shared with third parties.

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LTS NETWORK is at your disposal to answer any questions about the terms and privacy policies of this site.

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1er étage - 20140 Casablanca – Maroc
Tel : +212 (0)5 22 48 20 28
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6 rue des hôpitaux
20360 Casablanca - Maroc
Tel. +212 (0)5 22 20 44 38
Fax. +212 (0)5 22 20 44 70

These terms and conditions are valid from April 6th 2012.


Created in 2000, LTS NETWORK is a leading audiovisual equipment and broadcast services provider in Morocco. With offices in Rabat and Casablanca, LTS NETWORK offers solutions around the following complementary activities:
distribution of professional audio and video equipment, system integration, solutions for enterprises and communities, training and maintenance.